Bach - Concerto for Four Harpsichords in A minor BWV 1065 | Netherlands Bach Society

  • Paired with the commentary video by the performers. I have re-uploaded this wonderful performance here in order to bring more attention to it, since the original videos from 2018 are unlisted.
    0:07 [no tempo indication]
    4:04 Largo
    6:17 Allegro
    9:46 Commentary
    Original video description:
    Bach arranged various Vivaldi concertos for organ and harpsichord. The Concerto in A minor, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society for All of Bach, is largely based on Vivaldi's Concerto in B minor for four violins and orchestra. But of course, he gave it an exciting twist, as in Bach’s version the soloists play harpsichords and B minor is changed to A minor.
    Recorded for the project All of Bach on April 16th 2016 at Ottone, Utrecht. If you want to help us complete All of Bach, please subscribe to our channel or consider donating
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    Netherlands Bach Society
    Siebe Henstra, harpsichord 1
    Menno van Delft, harpsichord 2
    Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord 3
    Tineke Steenbrink, harpsichord 4
    Harpsichord 1: Titus Crijnen, 1992 after Johannes Ruckers, 1638
    Harpsichord 2: Bruce Kennedy, 1989 after Michael Mietke
    Harpsichord 3: Titus Crijnen, 2013 after Blanchet
    Harpsichord 4: Lutz Werum, 2003 after Johannes Ruckers

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