General Vocal Warm Ups for Mezzo to Soprano Belters

  • Thanks for joining the Made 4 The Stage Vocal Warm ups with Vocal Coach Chani Maisonet. We will be featuring all of our coaches here where you can just pull up and warm up. Warm up with us before your voice lessons, Auditions, Performances, or to get extra drills on your voice! We are here for you! Open up, make sure your body is nice and loose, stretch, and let out those beautiful voices!
    Tenor voices can also warm up here, it just may get a few steps too high. Bass voices we love you too, when it gets too high just drop the octave or use this as a guide rather and do all of these exercises in your range. We will be uploading videos for you too :)
    If you're interested in joining our training company email us

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